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released May 8, 2012

Blake Charleton - vocals, guitar, piano
Calvin Pia - guitars, harmonies
Cayce Pia - drums
Andrew Pertes - bass
Piano on Lake Carroll performed by Andrew Horowitz

Music by AKUDAMA
Lyrics by Blake Charleton
Produced, mixed and mastered by Calvin Pia
artwork by Aaron Wemer



all rights reserved


AKUDAMA Brooklyn, New York

One day, a guava made love to a banana, and an avocado was born. Upon the avocado's first attempt at rolling, it was squashed. With the cracking of its pit came the most magnificent sound, so fiercely exasperating that it caused the banana to kill the guava, make a boat out of it, and sail to America to start a rock band called Acucumba... which sounds strikingly similar to "AKUDAMA". ... more

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Track Name: Tik-Tok
Change my tires when I don't roll no more
Plug in my wires when I can't talk at all
The change in tide when the moon dies alone
If you are not God then how will we get on

I'm a tik-tok i need to be wound up
You know it won't stop
wondering how i'll end up
Track Name: Young Columbus
I know a place where we can set sail
on the outskirts of town first of May

Try to stay calm
You don't want to wake the sun

Social butterfly from time to time
I know a place where we can stay high

Come sail away
We'll remain forever astray
Track Name: Love
Love love want your love
Baby baby need your love

Baby our loves dying
I don't know why I love you

I'm stuck in the corner
trying to find my way out
I'm jumping and freezin
shattered to the ground

You pick up the pieces
bring me back to life
I stare in your eyes
into your pupils of white

In the deep dark sea i'm drowning for your love
In the cold dark sea I'm drowning for your love

Baby our loves dying
I don't know why I love you
Baby our lives dying
I still love you
Track Name: Lake Carroll
I'm a crocodile
You'll fall in love with my smile
It will cut you from ear to ear without a tear

In an ambiguous time
Well that would just blow my mind
Right to ease in the streets
I can feast on the grease

Oh my friends
I've been taking it easy too long amen
Remembering when
I was young without obligations to commit

Little sister in sweat pants
scared of bobcats
I've got my walkie talkie and so does she
we run inside for cold grape soda

Stuck in northern Illinois
feeling joy
everybody jump into the lake
I've got an unexpected call from Minnesota

I remember early december
and being brought home from a hospital bed
by my grandmother at 9:02 pm
Track Name: Heart Made Of Rain
Waking up
not such a difficult thing
Left hook punch
back to the silly dream

Late for lunch
and silently my phone will ring
won't change a thing
if i'm dead or a puppet on a string

Laughing through my teeth out loud
but crying
with my heart made of rain

Winter stays inside my cherry blossom soul
Life it hangs on top of a building next door glowing
incandescent sperm of life

But my baby gently hangs
six feet two inches too far away

Can I watch my life on screen
or get the chance to watch somebody else's
Track Name: Fraction
A fraction of what you are
is all you've shown the stars

is all you've shown thus far

and you know
just how your song should go

A fraction of what you are

Stars all in the sky
my heart of scales
what you are entails
your white crisp sails
to carry you from here

my heart
my heart
my heart