Flying Over Morning


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laineyyy My favorite Christmas song Favorite track: Beer On The Wall.
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So this is what I'm supposed to be a spirit in the form of a tree I'll climb up to the top of me and dream away with you The clouds explode You say you never wake up that early You ought to know that at dawn you can feel like an angel So this is what we're supposed to do? I don't know. See the clouds explode
Everyone come outside feel warm and strong You can stare at the sun, but not for too long Sunshine in American backyards Sunshine right in your backyard Sun lands promptly on your face
September 02:35
I remember this September You were there, water side I was calm, you were kind We looked in each others eyes and knew that we should talk a while The smell of your hair that night the sparkle in your eyes makes me feel so bright, blind Like living in another time. I love you I remember this September
Knocking 04:56
I lie awake and plan for tomorrow I'll go into town and find a disguise to lose all those men in the crowd of faces I know Men beside dogs with their noses lower then low I'll plan for tomorrow I'll go and find the best old barbershop Shave and a haircut are well overdue now yes I lie awake and plan for tomorrow Mister how much for the hat and coat? How much for this gun and boat? Protect me and sail me away I hear the hounds barking again They've caught my scent, how could they? Assisted with tall well dressed men They're reaching for their pockets and I think 'let this begin' I reach for mine. Bang Bang Bang Bang All shots piercing my skin I fall into the river. Breathing blood and oxygen The water fills me up. Breathing blood and oxygen
Night Club 04:01
Yeah we can get up alright Have just one more drink with me Start another dance party I don't wanna go to sleep tonight If you've got the groove inside your shoe then get on the floor and do what we do If you've got the groove you better move Going to my house always on time They're so on time
It don't feel like Christmas around here I'm alone with my thoughts and bottles of beer I can't get the feeling if you're not here I'll just bet on nothing for next year 'I'm not yelling' I can't stand you We have not been in the same room in forever
The 5AM Wave 03:20
Dive in to the deep end Grab on to my leg if you start to drag Meet me under water Try and guess the tune that I sing to you Reach the surface. Yeah Reach the surface. Let us swim Gotta hit the sack now Gotta wake up late, catch the 5am wave Come on people ride together
Interlude 02:18
Go Home 03:26
We sit inside your car We say the same things five-hundred times You ought to go home Home home home And you kill me with your words, but I can take it pretty baby
Never Again 04:04
Again. You say 'never again' But what's to stop you You'll do it again Your hands are hot and red You say never again Your hands are hot and red and you're slamming doors on faces You're slamming doors on me Your gonna catch your death and it's like a fucking race You slam the door, you slam the door on me Catch your death it's like a fucking race man
No Moon Out 02:02
There's no moon out tonight Oh wait there it goes A bit cold on the porch I sit in silence alone Cause none of my friends want to be here and think about things that I want to talk about Can't say I blame them I'm getting kind of tired I think I'm gonna go inside and lay down Drift away to a brand new day I'll go that way you go this way Were gonna meet just where we end up Meet in the future say 'what a small world' Life's so sweet, can I fill your cup? Oh no you don't Ask me where I've been Ask me how I've been No you don't ask me what I'm doing
Fade I'm too tired to play your game Fade away I'm too tired to play this game You fade away Moving up and down Longing outside towns But I stay where my future leads me I'm well awake and up to date I speak for friends, I have no powers over them For I too am rusting away And she said... We go up and down
Cool kids stay out late Good kids get the grades She's not one of us Who are we to say that? I guess we'll never know You'd be surprised just how far I'd go to know And I can't move and I can't see My eyes roll back into my head And I remember dreaming In my dreams no one cares They never want to go home And in these dreams they all stare Because I am beautiful alone How much should I pay To make you look this way? Can't stop, won't stop running If I stop now I won't get my girl Don't stop, don't stop running If you stop now you won't get the girl
Goodbye 01:25


AKUDAMA's Debut Release


released May 1, 2005


all rights reserved



AKUDAMA Brooklyn, New York

One day, a guava made love to a banana, and an avocado was born. Upon the avocado's first attempt at rolling, it was squashed. With the cracking of its pit came the most magnificent sound, so fiercely exasperating that it caused the banana to kill the guava, make a boat out of it, and sail to America to start a rock band called Acucumba... which sounds strikingly similar to "AKUDAMA". ... more

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