Time EP {February 2010}


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This is our tenth and final installment (for now) of our Free EP of the Month series— which began back in April of 2009. To fill you in, we released a free EP on the first of every month, from April 2009 to February 2010, with pretty cover art and everything! Now all of these EPs live on this Bandcamp page, for free stream or paid download.
This "Time E.P." includes 2 very different songs— multi-tempo'd mini-epic "Emit" (which is "Time" backwards, for all you dyslexic folk), and an Elliott Smith-inspired voyage entitled "Wish I Never..." (which is "reven I hsiw" backwards... interesting!). These songs were written at very different times (Emit in 2009 in Brooklyn, Wish I Never in 2007 during our Johnny Appleseed Sessions). Philly artist Aaron Wemer graciously afforded us the opportunity to use this painting for the cover art. Enjoy!


released February 1, 2010

Artwork by Aaron Wemer.
* "Emit" music by AKUDAMA. Lyrics by Blake Charleton. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Calvin Pia. Bass played by Jay Goodman.
** "Wish I Never" music by AKUDAMA. Lyrics by Blake Charleton. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Calvin Pia. Bass played by Matthew Weber.



all rights reserved


AKUDAMA Brooklyn, New York

One day, a guava made love to a banana, and an avocado was born. Upon the avocado's first attempt at rolling, it was squashed. With the cracking of its pit came the most magnificent sound, so fiercely exasperating that it caused the banana to kill the guava, make a boat out of it, and sail to America to start a rock band called Acucumba... which sounds strikingly similar to "AKUDAMA". ... more

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Track Name: Emit
All the pieces of the sky
they're all puzzled as to why
they keep you locked so air tight
when you show no sign of life

Painting grass on all the walls
walking up to catch your call
as the bar drops I just fall
heading straight towards damnation

Call me from the moon
and tell me you'll come down soon
I've been trying to get loose
I've been trying just to do this for you

Clock Ticks
It's going fast
time is of the essence you gotta make it last
Track Name: Wish I Never
Wish I never saw you
Wish I never met you
Wish I never knew you
Wish I never loved you
At all

Sunshine shining bright
through my loco locomotive at night
see your eyes
and head straight off the track to my demise